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Option 1: The Pillar Package

This Pillar Package is a unique coaching programme made up of  3x 90 min 1:1 Zoom coaching sessions combined with independent energy tracking and guided self-reflection. The programme is designed to run across one month but there is of course flexibility to tailor the programme to your individual needs. Each session begins with a short guided Mindfulness practice. This will allow you to ground yourself, step out of auto-pilot and be fully present in the moment so that you can get the most out of the coaching session.

Image by Håkon Sataøen

Session 1

Identifying your current priorities and pillars

Image by Jamie Street

Session 2

Evaluating how you spend your time and energy


Session 3

Re-evaluating your priorities and setting goals for the future

What your coaching journey could look like

Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 21.22.02.png
Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 21.27.11.png

Option 2: Individual sessions 

1:1 Transformational Coaching

Is there something you've always wanted to achieve but something (or someone - often we stand in our own way!)  is holding you back? Do you want more from life and to reach your full potential? I'd love to help you feel more fulfilled in your life, work or relationships. Don’t worry if you feel a little “stuck” and can’t pinpoint a particular goal, we can work on this together during your first Transformational coaching session. 

1:1 Mindfulness Booster

Are you interested in understanding how Mindfulness can help you become more resilient? Do you want to learn specific tools and techniques that can help you step out of auto-pilot? I'd love to help you feel more grounded and present. Don't worry if you are completely new to Mindfulness or aren't quite sure what to expect, we can start with an introductory session.

Has this sparked your interest? Get in touch. 

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