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Hi, it's me, Caroline VK

I'm 30 and originally from Germany but for the past six years I've called London home. Caromino Coach is an absolute passion project of mine and the result of many years of soul-searching and self-discovery that ultimately led me to training as a Transformational Coach and Mindfulness Teacher. 

In my coaching programme I'm sharing with you some of the tools and techniques that helped me get to where I am today. In fact they are still very much part of my life and help me feel more fulfilled and balanced every day. I designed the programme because I wish something like it had existed when I needed some direction. I know how much it would have helped me on my Camino and I hope it will help you on yours. I can't wait to work with you and see where our journey takes us - it's bound to be an exciting adventure.

Image by Heidi Fin
Transformational Coach

Animas trained 

Transformational Coach, working towards  ICF accreditation


CPCAB accredited 

Mindfulness & Compassion Teacher, trained with MindfulnessUK

Image by Kasya Shahovskaya

Workplace Wellbeing specialist and  Wellbeing Lead at Fidelity International

Workplace Wellbeing Specialist
Cultural Identity expert

Cultural Identity expert with a masters in Cultural Identity studies (University of St Andrews)

Image by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird
 Mental Health advocate 

MHFA England trained Mental Health First Aider

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology enthusiast, completed Yale's The Science of Wellbeing course and other CPD

Why Caromino Coach?

The name is inspired by walking the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage in Spain. Caromino is a mishmash of Caro (that’s me!) and CaminoCamino is Spanish for journey, route or path. We are all on a Camino but can feel lost at times or have reached a crossroads, pondering which turn to take. With today’s constant pressures to “do more, be more, achieve more” it is easy to lose sight of the journey. We get stuck in auto-pilot or focus on an end destination that seems unreachably far away, forgetting that all we need to do is set one foot in front of the other and then little by little we get there. 

I’m here to help you navigate your Camino

CarominoCoach logo finalists-5.png

Did you know that the scallop shell is the symbol for the Camino de Santiago? It inspired the Caromino Coach logo

CarominoCoach logo finalists-5.png

Walking the Camino Portugués in August 2016

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